• No adhesive or tools are required for installation.
  • The design of the Armacel resists any tendency for the machine to move off the bearings.
  • Excellent service life.

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Armacel Pads - Used for majority of applications for good isolation on all floor types

£25.00 (No VAT, price includes carriage.)

Maximum Recommended
load on 4 pads:300 Kg

Typical Natural Frequency: 8.5 Hz

Temperature Range: -30 to +120 C

Armacush Pads - Used for critical applications for instance very light weight floors or high isolation applications

£30.00 (No VAT, price includes carriage.)


Armacel Washing machine Isolation pads have been designed to solve the problem of domestic washing machines causing a noise nuisance to residents of houses and apartments.

Often when a domestic washing machine is installed in a residence it is standing on a light weight wooden floor. As the machine is operated, especially on the “spin” cycle. A high frequency disturbance is generated which can be sent around the residence.

By positioning the four feet of the washing machine directly onto the Armacel bearings this transmission path is broken and the disturbance into the building drastically reduced.

Supplied in a convenient set of 4 the Isolation bearings measure 60 mm by 60 mm by 16 mm thick. Care should be taken prior to purchase to ensure the washing machine can be raised up 16 mm without fouling any work top or structure above the washing machine.

Full money back guarantee if the isolation does not prove effective after installation.

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